Ranking the 15 ugliest football players in the world in 2022 (2023)

Many players stand out because they are physically appealing. As a result, famous players such as Ronaldo or Messi are frequently featured on the covers of magazines and billboards. On the other hand, some players are not so lucky in terms of physical appearance and have featured on our list of top 15 ugliest football players.

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The players on this list would probably prefer not to be on it, but their lack of physical appeal has landed them on this list. The following is a list of the ugliest football players.

Who are the ugliest soccer players?

Many websites publish lists of the ugliest football players, but this article will focus on the top 15 ugliest football players active or retired.

15. Marek Hamsik

The strange haircut is a ruse to hide what's underneath because one look at him is enough to make you ill -judge him because of his mohawk, shaved sideburns, and a mouth that opens way too wide when he celebrates a goal. So it's easy to see why many women are turned off by his physical appearance.

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14. Peter Crouch

For obvious reasons, the former English striker has a distinct appearance and sticks out from the crowd. This lanky forward is a weird man to look at because of his teeth, hair, and even a not-so-appealing poor moustache

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13. Scott Gemmill

Scott has a weirdly sharp nose, melancholy cheekbones, and gravelled face of a guy who seems to have lived a life of stress and anxiety.

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12. Krepin Diatta

Krépin Diatta is a Senegalese footballer who plays as a winger for Club Brugge KV and the Senegalese national team. After photos of him were plastered online, he became an internet phenomenon.

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Diatta pleaded with people to stop insulting him and, instead, to appreciate him for his football abilities. He is one of the ugliest African football players, and surprisingly, he has a stunning female companion.

11. Franck Ribery

Fans applaud Frank's performances, but it is impossible not to notice his face. Many people scoff at his face because of his terrible appearance, unknowing of his past.

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He was involved in a terrible vehicle accident when he was two years old, resulting in severe facial damage. As a result, he was labelled as one of the ugliest football players, drawing a lot of ridicule from those who didn't know his backstory.

10. Carlos Tevez

Tevez is another excellent example of how appearance is unimportant when playing football. He has one of the most unattractive physical appearances in football history. Tevez earned a spot on the list of the ugliest players in history thanks to his large ears and fangs. He also had a little mishap at home when a kettle of boiling water spilt on him, resulting in third-degree burns on his neck.

9. Héctor Herrera

His lack of physical beauty has been the focus of countless conversations. Because of his enormous ears and small skull, he has earned a position on this list.

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8. Dowie Iain

Iain Dowie, a former striker for Luton Town, pulled off what can only be characterized as a perplexed expression that remains one of the most frightening sights ever captured on camera.

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Dowie made the best of a restricted playing career in the United Kingdom and struggled to establish himself as a manager, but you have to admire a person who puts themselves out there. Unfortunately, Iain has never been endowed with attractive features.

7. Charlie Adam

His reputation for savagely challenging players is matched by the unsightly aesthetics of his jagged teeth and worn appearance. He was one of the oldest-looking players on the planet by the age of 29, and the Scottish international adds insult to injury when he smiles.

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6. Joleon Lescott

He was engaged in an automobile accident when he was just five years old, leaving him with a big scar on his forehead. Unfortunately, he was nearly killed in this tragic accident.

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Lescott is a model of respect for everyone on the planet. So many people are taken aback when they hear his story, and it is pretty inspiring how this young guy achieved his dream after such a difficult life.

5. Ronaldinho

Ronaldinho has enthralled onlookers with his dribbling skills and talents, making him one of the best players in the world. Despite this, he is notorious for his unattractive appearance.

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The Brazilian is one of the most unattractive soccer players ever because of his large nose and fangs. The most shocking aspect is that he allegedly had multiple cosmetic operations to improve his appearance.

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4. Mesut Ozil

His large eyes caused him to be bullied because he was compared to Nemo, the fish, and his ears don't help him enhance his image either. However, because of their striking similarity, his comparison to Enzo Ferrari has recently gained traction.

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Despite his appearance, Ozil has won numerous titles in English football and his national team, demonstrating that physical appearance has no bearing on football performance.

3. Felipe Caicedo

Caicedo rose to prominence as one of America's most obnoxious footballers. During the 2011 Copa América, a public poll was held to determine the tournament's ugliest player. The people chose Caicedo.

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Felipe, fortunately, laughed it off and kept his cheerful demeanour. His colleagues liked him despite the fact that he is one of America's ugliest athletes. He made a name for himself in European football while playing for Lazio, where he gained a lot of fans.

2. Héctor Reynoso

He is one of Mexico's well-known soccer players and one of the country's most popular and ugly footballers.

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His outstanding soccer abilities made him one of Mexico's most popular players. In addition, he had a successful football career that took him far beyond the borders of Mexico.


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1. Luka Modric

His physical appearance is appalling. He is rated by many as the ugliest footballer in the world because of his enormous nose. Furthermore, his face does not appear to be among the most proportionate we have ever observed.

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The public's criticisms of his physical looks do not seem to bother him. On the contrary, being among the ugliest footballers ever, he has even made jokes about it.

These are the ugliest football players in the game's history. Many fans will remember them for their unattractive physical appearance, but they will also be remembered for their outstanding performances in this sport, which led to numerous championships.

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